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Instead of buying a car, Kate Remington's first big purchase after college was a grand piano. A six foot grand Yamaha, to be precise. Unusual? Maybe. But telling too. At the time, she was living in downtown Madison and didn’t need a car...but she did want to carry on her love of music after music school.


Read on to see how WSHU's Music Director found her career path, what her most profound programming moment was, and what she does in her spare time!

What inspired you to get into radio?

I attended a panel presented by the University of Wisconsin's School of Music about alternative careers for music majors. Radio sounded like the most fun. I think I chose well!

What's the best thing about being in radio?

I love the one-to-one connection with the listener. Even though there might be thousands listening at any moment, they're all listening individually.

Outside of radio, what are some of your interests?

I have a horse that I'm training in dressage, and when I'm not riding, I've got plenty of games on my Xbox to keep me busy.

What bit of programming over the last 30 years affected you most and why?

On a personal level, the music I chose for the afternoon of the Sandy Hook tragedy affected me very deeply. I wanted to share music that I thought would provide peace and comfort, and I heard from many listeners that it did.

Radio today vs. radio in 1984 (or at least a few years back)'...what’s the biggest difference?

At least as far as classical music is concerned, the invention of CD really changed everything. Before that you put on an LP and hoped for the best...meaning no skips or scratches!

What have been some of the most inspired memories you have of working at WSHU?

There's a real sense of camaraderie among all the programming staff. We all look out for each other. During severe weather our chief engineer, Paul Litwinovitch, brings his camper to the station as a refuge for staff who are stuck at the studio, or have no power at home.

What do you believe has contributed to WSHU's success over the past 30 years?

The people at WSHU all really care about making great radio.